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Feral Children and “gender”

April 19, 2011

So I’ve been searching everywhere to find evidence that feral children are gendered at all. Does anyone else have research on this?

I’ve read a few brief case studies on feral children. Interestingly – most of the feral boys found were indifferent to sex. Isn’t that interesting? So this instinct to reproduce? Is it social socialized, instincutal?

These are some of the others I’ve been looking at…

It’s just interesting to me that when children are raised by dogs – they assume dog behavior – if raised by other primates – they assume that behavior. The most interesting to me is the boy that lived among gazelles. I think that these studies on feral children place emphasis on early childhood brain development – something transexuals wish to ignore these days… sigh

If gender is truly genetic – wouldn’t these children express it on some level – rather than just expressing the behavior of the animals they have lived with???

So what led me here? Well – someone was saying that in places where gender is not pimped out to people – gender is still expressed. However – I don’t think there is ONE society where gender is not associated with biological sex. Even in matriarchies – there are gender roles. I was trying to think of ANY context where people might not be exposed to gender standards – and this feral situation was the only thing I could sort of think of…. And I think I’m right. These children have not been socialized with gender – and they don’t seem to express gender – EVEN when they were raised by other animals that probably have gendered social structures.

After thinking about this in terms of feral children – I’m almost convinced that the “science” and brain scans trying to “prove” that gender is inherent to brain structure – are totally missing the point on how childhood brain development is a key element in all of this.

Pumps for HIKING? WTF?

December 3, 2010

And I’m serious, Teva has come out with pumps for HIKING. And I thought that womens fashion couldn’t get ANYMORE ridiculous, fucking impractical and literally stupid (I found out about them because my cousin had to write about how excited she is about them on facebook, ugh).

At least some of the comments are cheering me up. lol

I was half expecting a bunch of brainwashed women to be like, “OMG, LIKE YAY. Now I can twist my ankle while hiking and have some big man with muscles save me and carry me down the mountain.” (or course, I didn’t go to the womens sites advertising these shoes, I just couldn’t do it, I didn’t want to get myself outraged, haha).

I got pissed off at this woman dating one of my guy friends because we had to cut our hike by like 90% because she decided to wear flip flops hiking. I was totally pissed off, one mile on flat ground is hardly a real hike to me (which is what we had to settle on because of her flip flops). I can ONLY imagine how bad these things would be for actually hiking.
I’m guessing most women who buy these would not wear them hiking. And if they do – they deserve EVERY FUCKING INJURY they acrue wearing such shoes.
Next thing you know – they’ll be making stiletto cleats – so women playing soccer (or football for my non-US friends), field hockey or softball can do so and look like sex objects while doing it!!! I mean, sports aren’t about the sport, it’s about looking a certain way, DUH! And hiking isn’t about enjoying the fresh outdoors, it’s about like looking all cute and hot for those men hiking on the trails (or course, I know plenty of men who hike and most of them would be likely to make fun of women wearing such shoes, that’s what’s sorta funny about them – who are they trying to impress with these?).

I can’t wait to get my stiletto air jordans!!! What about you?

The most fucked up thing about it, is that it’s real easy to roll yer ankles while hiking or playing sports in REGULAR shoes made for such sports. Add a two inch fuckin’ heal to the mix and the hospitals and MDs are going to make it BIG!