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The Meatrix

January 21, 2010


November 16, 2009

When I was first going down the path towards veganism, I often spent some time watching videos of animal abuse. The videos didn’t make me happy, they were quite depressing and often, I cried watching them.  Whenever someone questioned me and I started to question every reason I made the leap to veganism – I’d return to those videos or read more about the harms done onto animals to remind myself of why I stand where I do.

And as an anti-porn feminist – sometimes I DO need a reminder of why I am against porn. With all of the feminists trying to promote porn as sex-positive, sometimes it is very hard to keep my original opinion on the porn industry….

But that’s what this is for:

Sometimes reading these horrific personal stories makes me cry – but you know what? It’s a reminder of why I took this stance (or a reminder of one of my reasons)…

I wish “sex-positive” middle class feminists who actually have a choice about doing sex-work would stop trying to speak over these women and their struggles. And quite frankly – I wish they’d stop trying to gloss over the REASONS many are left to make this “choice”.