Radical Feminists CAN’T be transphobic…

Iremythpurr pointed me to this “lovely” article:

IF you are a radical feminist, you don’t HATE transexuals and simply disagree with the idea that gender is something human beings are born with, thumb up this post!!!

Lets see if we can disprove this silencing accusation! I question GENDER, and it is not an issue that is unique to transexuals, HOW does this make me transphobic? It doesn’t. Almost 100% of the people in my life think gender is something they were born with (family and friends that I love)… This accusation is a silencing technique and it NEEDS to be called out for what it is…

2 Responses to “Radical Feminists CAN’T be transphobic…”

  1. Feminist at Sea Says:

    Transgendered people can’t exist once gender is gone, because there is nothing to transition into or from. You only get to be yourself, which doesn’t sound like a bad deal to me. Also I don’t actually hate people surprisingly enough, not even the woman-hating rapists who belief would should only be tied to a chain in the kitchen. I believe that actually hating the people who hate me costs me energy I don’t want to spend and distracts me from working on my own life and goals. But it does feel good to rant hate sometimes, when I am frustrated with the world.

  2. nuclearnight Says:

    Yes, its a silencing tactic AND double yes, its a misogynistic tactic to keep women from calling bullshit on the ever-encroaching erasure of their oppression.

    They want us silenced, they want us erased. period.

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