The Exchange on NHPR discussing sex and learning

Discussing how stereotypes about males and females influence career paths/abilities etc.
I wish they had discussed more why there is a bigger difference between male and female ADULT brain structures, than there is between child sexes. They point out how the differences between male and female children brain structures are trivial – but they don’t really explain how these expectations of the sexes discourage members of either sex to USE certain parts of their brain – which will obviously nurture the way the brain is structured in adulthood.
Of course some asshat had to call in and present a “hypothetical” in attempt to “prove” the researchers have some sort of bias in this (he said something like, “Well if we lived in an androgynous society and men still were more interested in construction than women, would you still think these differences are nurtured?” – something like that). What he was attempting to do was so incredibly obvious and if I had been one of the researchers, it would have annoyed me A LOT but they played it cool. I’m actually surprised that there were MORE people calling in speaking out against stereotypes of the sexes. Made me feel kind of happy…

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