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Radical Feminists CAN’T be transphobic…

September 26, 2011

Iremythpurr pointed me to this “lovely” article:

IF you are a radical feminist, you don’t HATE transexuals and simply disagree with the idea that gender is something human beings are born with, thumb up this post!!!

Lets see if we can disprove this silencing accusation! I question GENDER, and it is not an issue that is unique to transexuals, HOW does this make me transphobic? It doesn’t. Almost 100% of the people in my life think gender is something they were born with (family and friends that I love)… This accusation is a silencing technique and it NEEDS to be called out for what it is…

The Exchange on NHPR discussing sex and learning

September 21, 2011

Discussing how stereotypes about males and females influence career paths/abilities etc.
I wish they had discussed more why there is a bigger difference between male and female ADULT brain structures, than there is between child sexes. They point out how the differences between male and female children brain structures are trivial – but they don’t really explain how these expectations of the sexes discourage members of either sex to USE certain parts of their brain – which will obviously nurture the way the brain is structured in adulthood.
Of course some asshat had to call in and present a “hypothetical” in attempt to “prove” the researchers have some sort of bias in this (he said something like, “Well if we lived in an androgynous society and men still were more interested in construction than women, would you still think these differences are nurtured?” – something like that). What he was attempting to do was so incredibly obvious and if I had been one of the researchers, it would have annoyed me A LOT but they played it cool. I’m actually surprised that there were MORE people calling in speaking out against stereotypes of the sexes. Made me feel kind of happy…

When women give men advice…

September 1, 2011

So I’ve been thinking about this for a couple of weeks even though it’s old news at this point…

Apparently – every single time a woman gives men advice about how to approach her, she’s telling men what to do, planning to create laws against approaching women in elevators, and has an entire army behind her to force them into submission!!! ha ha.

Of course that’s not the reality but there are a lot of men who just can’t handle advice coming from women – even if it’s advice that might actually help him navigate the dating scene. She said, “Word for the WISE.” – so the advice was clearly not for shit-stains and men who only have two brain cells that are fighting each other…

Okay, so to understand what I’m talking about, search “elevatorgate” and just LOOK at the SHIT STORM that was created out of a woman simply stating that she did not appreciate being approached by a man in an elevator alone, at 4AM for “coffee in his room” after an atheist convention (this is a guy she didn’t even have a conversation with previously). The shit storm was so incredible, some men were even trying to claim that this poor poor REJECTED man on the elevator, REALLY just wanted coffee (HA HA! EVERYONE in the US knows what that is code for, yet a lot of men will still insist that coffee at 4AM is JUST coffee). I think if he JUST wanted coffee – he would have invited her anywhere BUT his hotel room…

Isn’t that pathetic? Count the busted up egos, seriously – just count them (to get the most hits, search on youtube). There were a lot of people defending the woman in the elevator (Rebecca Watson) but those numbers PALED in comparison to the multitudes of MEN who uploaded videos whining about her advice. The irony of it all, is that a lot of them were telling her she doesn’t have the right to tell them not to approach women alone in elevators… Really? You are going to get angry for a woman giving advice but then turn around and give her advice?! (SO TYPICAL)

Another typical thing I noticed about this – was that a lot of men who made videos against Rebecca Watson used the ole, “Well not ALL women are threatened by men who approach them alone in elevators at 4 AM.” – the classic – pitting women against each other as a form of manipulation. It’s really on par with the type of men who are like, “Women in porn have anal, so why won’t you?” or “Some women like watching porn with their boyfriends, so why won’t you?” Basically – men using the women who reinforce male entightlement to try an manipulate women into doing what men want (it happens most in sexual terms) – even AFTER the woman they are attempting to manipulate has made it clear what they like or don’t like (and I’ve HAD a guy use this tactic to try and get me to have anal with him – when I made it clear over and over that it was a no go this was 15 yrs ago tho)… I’m sure men don’t appreciate their girlfriends saying things like, “Well THEY are getting married, he bought HER a diamond ring, so why can’t you do it for me!” (the tactic is so infantile and something that never escapes my notice).

Men know that women (insecure) are often competitive for the “coveted” cock and they’ll use this to squeeze individuality out of women (not that I’m too stupid to fall for it). Women who watch porn with their boyfriends or have anal are the “cool” chicks man, like why the hell wouldn’t you WANT to be just like them! They give men ERECTIONS (what OTHER compliment could a woman ask for?!?!), so they must like totally be AWESOME! (I hope ppl know I’m being sarcastic). And you KNOW when you’ve had a run in with women who BELIEVE this cock and bull… Because they are the types that brag about having anal sex or watching porn (and they’ll insert this into conversations at random) – ESPECIALLY around a group of men…They think it’s something they deserve a pat on the back for. ick

I’m willing to bet my right arm (and I’m right handed – unless we are talkin’ tennis) that men use this shit all the time to get their “virgin” female partners to have PIV… Like “My best friend’s girlfriend is doing it…”

As soon as a guy says “Well such and such woman does it” and it’s something he’s trying to get you to do – that you don’t want to do… RUN FOR THE HILLS! The only thing men like that respect – are their erections.

Another thing I was thinking about in this situation…What if she HAD gone back to his hotel room and he raped her? You know, just as well as I do, she would have been blamed (by the same men who HATE her for rejecting elevator boy and giving men advice) for being stupid enough to go back to some strangers hotel room… They would have ASSUMED that her going back to his room was an invitation into her vagina or asshole.

My last point is simply – I think RWs advice about approaching women was GOOD advice. I don’t care if some women don’t mind being approached that way – they probably would still prefer being approached in a less secluded place… And what cracks me up about these foolish men is that her advice actually might help them get sex more often! ha ha. And isn’t THAT the truth? Men would RATHER sabatage themselves before taking advice from a lowly woman.

In closing – Some guy told me the other day that smoking is bad for me, how DARE he tell me what to do! He doesn’t speak for ALL smokers! My ex’s grandmother started smoking when she was 10 and she’s now 98!