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“Nice Guys”

July 15, 2011

It’s always the self professed “nice guys” that aren’t actually nice at all. It’s just something I’ve been seeing a lot of lately. The “nice” guys who start moving in on you when you’re sitting at the bar for TEN minutes for your friends to show up… but hey – when they “hit on” you – they are at least nice about it…and so what? Apparently women aren’t allowed to feel uncomfortable, intimidated, irritated or annoyed with that crap.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot because of “elevatorgate” (link under this paragraph). To sum it up – it’s about a guy who asked a woman (Rebecca Watson) for coffee in his hotel room after an atheist convention at 4 AM, when he was alone with her in an elevator (

Anyway, she made a very VERY calm video on YT about it and was basically just saying, “Please don’t do this.” She mentioned how the guy was nice and she wasn’t trying to say anything bad about him, but just that the way in which he approached her didn’t make her very comfortable. (there’s more to this, but because I don’t feel like getting into all of it, I just wanted to give the basics).

So anyway, after she made this video – LOTS of videos exploded, created by men. And I suspect – self-profclaimed “nice guys”.

What REEKS about this is how a lot of them are like, “Well you can’t be the boss of me!!!” *sticks out tongue*. Like seriously – that’s what their little “rants” about it are like. All she did was say something like, “Word for the wise, please don’t do that.” and all of a sudden these whiney little adolescent pukes are basically like, “Stop telling us what to do!!!” I SWEAR, this ONLY happens to women when we DARE give men advice – especially about dating (or unless that advice already fits in with how they do things). Of course there are plenty of female doormats coming to the rescue of these self-proclaimed “nice guys”.

But here’s my thinking. HAD he been a REAL nice guy – I don’t think he would have been asking her to his room alone with him. If he *really* did just want to get to know her and chat – he could have asked her to meet him after she got some sleep, no? Or for some breakfast later? He could have invited her somewhere PUBLIC, if he was really interested in her, as a human being.

All these whiney pukes on youtube are like, “HOW does she know he didn’t really just want coffee?!?” It’s like – you’d have to live under a fucking rock to not understand what that really means. It’s like one of the oldest Hollywood cliches of our time, “Wanna get a night cap?” “Want to get a cup of coffee – even tho it’s 4 AM and you just mentioned you are tired, hint hint”.

It’s amazing how purposely naiive men will become to avoid being “caught” in their little schemes. “I didn’t know getting coffee at 4 AM in the morning is a reference to sex!!!” SHYEAH!

I even saw another rant by another guy who was complaining about how the poor menz will have no other ways to get into womens pants if rad fems keep telling them how they can’t approach women. LOL. It’s like dood – why not try to get to know us – you know, like form some fucking friendships that aren’t built around the hope of “someday I’ll get in that pussy”. It makes me very sick actually. I remember in my early 20s, I thought I had a lot of male friends, but damn – was I WRONG. You start to realize it when ALL of them, at one time or another – put the moves on ya.