Why don’t feminists discuss bras anymore?

I was informed today – that France has banned the burqa and it makes me think of bras.

People wonder, why the hell would you make that connection?


Bras are about modesty and so aren’t burqas.

I know it’s hard to believe that bras are modest these days – especially with how women hoist them up to look like asscracks (which is the only reason men are attracted to cleavage – just for your info), but it’s true. It isn’t the actual breast that we are forced to be modest about though – it’s the nipples.

Hair? Nipples? Either way – we are being forced to be modest about something we are born with and for what? Men can’t control themselves? Yeah, western men are so civilized.


Well – maybe not physical force, but there is definite social pressure.

Like my boss freaking out about a customer coming to the shop and me not wearing a bra.

Like the women who have been told they will lose their jobs if they do not wear a bra (claiming bras are part of the “uniform” – when it isn’t even listed as part of the uniform).

Like the dirty looks I get from women sporting their push-ups…

Like the time two weeks ago when I was groped – just because I wasn’t wearing a bra.

See – there is social pressure for us to wear bras and I fucking hate them.

I barely have breasts – in fact, a good 75% of men have larger breasts then me (especially in the West) – so what the fuck am I supporting when I wear a bra? Why don’t they need the support?

It’s not about support – don’t let them fool you. It’s about modesty. It’s about keeping breasts as “sexual object” status. It’s about forcing women to wear things that look a lot like harnesses, that hurt and really serve no purpose at all.

And they DO hurt – they hurt me. See – if I am lucky enough to find a bra that fits and doesn’t have wires and two inches of padding on it – it’s not thick enouh to hide my *gasp* nipples. Wire digging into my sternum, wire digging into my ribs and all for what? Modesty.  And cuz I’m so small – half the time the wire rises up – digging into the sensitive tissue…

This subject weighs heavy on me now because the warmer months are coming and it’s a lot harder to hide my braless breasts.

If they are going to ban the burka, then they should ban the bras.

6 Responses to “Bras.”

  1. feministatsea Says:

    Here! Here! I do wear bras for support, but when I had just started growing breasts I didn’t need them either and the boys in my class were harassing about it. Like they ordered me to shave they also ordered me to wear a bra. Stupid assholes.

    For me it’s uncomfortable to always go without a bra, but in the coming heat I will certainly go without for at least a couple of days to hell with everyone who’s bothered by it.

  2. nuclearnight Says:

    Seriously. I have to wear a bra at work. I’d much rather not have to, they are painful and I have large breasts and am a large woman. They don’t support my breasts, they inhibit me.

    • truthvscompliance Says:

      I hear you. It seems like bras would be painful no matter what. I don’t know what it’s like to have breasts really, so I don’t know how to comment on the support thing… Are people just talking about bouncing? I mean – I bounce a bit more without a bra, but it’s one of those things ya get use to after a while and stop noticing.
      Also – it seems like bras would be worse for the backs of large breasted women (depending on the type of bra – but even sports bras hurt like hell cuz they are super tight) – in the sense that a lot of bras pick them up and make them stick out further – which throws off the center of gravity. When breasts hang naturally – they stay closer to the body and probably cause less back problems.

  3. FAB Libber Says:

    Hiya TVC. Found you via the subscription!

    Currently I do *sort of* wear one, it’s not a real bra though, just a crop top thing. And for formal at work, I wear vesty type undergarments – I totally hate the traditional torture device bra.

    The reason I wear my croppytoppy thingys is due to bounce. Because bounce attracts UNDUE attention, more so than nipples.

    Most bras are so badly designed, they are designed for appearance (and ‘asscrack’ performance) over comfort.

    Agree that the burkha is not about modesty but compliance.
    Even my ‘stop-the-bounce’ is a variation on compliance, because in a non-pervy world, I would not even wear the croppytoppys I don’t think, I certainly do not around home, so it is about compliance of sorts.

  4. Keren Says:

    Very good post! Sometimes I wear a bra and sometimes I don’t. The one thing not touched upon in this post is the effect of bras on disabled women e.g. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and a symptom of that is chest pain. When I wear a bra, if I have chest pain, it makes it worse. Two other symptoms of C.F.S. are back pain, overheating & unusual weight gain. I bought this pain/support thingy from a chemist to use as a corset because I hated my fat.The funny thing is, it didn’t hold in my fat, just transferred it. It was so tight that I couldn’t breathe, and because of my overheating the extra heat made me worse. I wasted $70 on a bloody corset! That’s the thing, people talk about how women these days don’t have to wear corsets, and yet they make fun of women who carry extra weight, so really, we do. Anyway, I just got rid of it. It felt so good, and it feels so good not to wear a bra. Just lately, I’ve been experimenting with not wearing a bra when I’m out, and it’s great. If you wear the right kind of clothes, no one can even see your nipples. And really, screw them if they can.

  5. opalsword Says:

    Great post!
    I don’t know how I’d cope if bras were banned though. They’ve saved my boobs from dropping to my knees! With my tiny frame and massive boobs, going without a bra would be suicidal. And speaking from experience, the reason why any women with large boobs feel discomfort from a bra is because they’re in the wrong size and/cut. Getting re-sized for each brand you try is a must! But yes…if you can go without a bra…all the better.

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