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Cancer Awareness…

March 24, 2011

Why raise awareness for cancer when you can let people know how to reverse it???

Blaming Children

March 11, 2011

I know I’m not the first to bring this up and I’m sure I won’t be the last but I am completely disgusted with how the rape of that 11 year old was reported. The New York Times tries to clear their name because it was not THEY who made the comments about the 11 yr olds clothes, or that she hung around teenage boys, so it was okay to press… But seriously? They don’t have to quote every dim wit that they interview for their newspaper, right? Is it a good idea to quote people who are perpetuating rape culture? And seriously – the author of that article COULD HAVE discussed why victim blaming mentality is disgusting and down right wrong if they felt they had to use that quote.

Not only did they point out how the daughter was dressed, but they decided to heap some of the blame on her mother. And after this was done, I was thinking to myself, “Where is the father in all of this?” And if he’s not in the picture – here in lies the problem with society not giving single mothers enough help in raising their children. And I really REALLY feel bad for parents these days because they have to battle this raunch culture.

And that got me thinking on – was there any mention of the parents of the men who raped this child? Where were THOSE parents? Why did their parenting fail so hugely? What were their FATHERS teaching them? Respect for women? I highly fucking doubt it. Sons who are taught to respect women to begin with – would never dream of raping a woman, much less a girl.

And as I was reading in MsMagazine, They cared more about how these rape charges would affect the men who were caught and how the community can recover from it. What about this little girl? What about HER recovery? What about how the words of her neighbors are going to cause her to live in shame and guilt for something that was not in her control to begin with? What about how she’s going to blame herself because OTHER people are blaming her for it?

And this got me thinking more on some things and this raunch culture that “sex-positives” seem to claim is so damned empowering for women. You know – we live in a society where they’ll broadcast child beauty pagents that sexualize FIVE YR OLDS, and then blame an eleven yr old for being raped because she dressed too “old” and wore make-up. AND they’ll even blame the mother for this. When it’s our CULTURE which is telling young girls that it’s glamorous to look like a stripper, that looking like a stripper gives women empowerment, that coming off as sexy (in the generic, cliche, pop culture way) is the main priority for women everywhere.

But even this raunch culture can’t be blamed for what men do, for men not having boundaries, for men not respecting women as human beings that deserve to be respected and unmolested by them. The raunch culture can’t be blamed for 18 men deciding to rape an 11 yr old. The ONLY blame can be placed on those men.  

I remember a while ago – Iremythpurr did a vid on youtube discussing how men are treated better when they are victims of sexual abuse – and this whole article points to how EVEN when men are the PERPETRATORS and NOT THE VICTIMS, they get more sympathy than the actual female victims. It’s just sickening.