A couple of “Far Side” inspired feminist jokes

Natural Selection in Action:

Single celled organism says to the silicone blob, “Me so horny, let’s reproduce!”

(I hope people get ALL the irony in this joke, cuz there are more angles than ya prolly think at first, I could probably write a book on why this joke is hilarious)


The sperms said to the Vagina, “Why are you so hostile to us?”

(okay, so this second one’s a bit incomplete or less obvious but there’s gotta be a way to spin off this in a more ironic way, but I was thinking about how female sexuality has to be in “male” terms to be considered “positive” and also – thinking about how ironic it is the vagina is hostile to sperm – and men are hostile towards women sexually AND I was thinking about how PIV is hostile to begin with).

2 Responses to “A couple of “Far Side” inspired feminist jokes”

  1. nuclearnight Says:

    I was recently looking at extreme body modifications and one was “silicone injections”. In the penis, which almost always make it too fat and football looking to actually practice PIV.

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