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Women in Geology

September 6, 2010

Not a lot of people know this about me – but I graduated with a degree in geology. I never persued a career in geology though, for a number of different reasons but the major one was outrage.
It was annoying enough to have the guys in my class always refer to me as “the girl” and to have my slight size constantly pointed out but there were other things that really got under my skin – especially during field work.
Everytime we were in the field and I had to take a piss – it was really uncomfortable for me. I was the only woman, so finding places to take a leak, was actually quite difficult. And I just didn’t know any of the guys in my classes enough to know how creepy they were, LOL.
One time, we stopped somewhere and I had to piss really bad and my professor was like – “guys piss here and lady pisses here.” and he pointed to this spot where everyone woulda been able to see me (basically right next to where they were all standing). I was like, ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? it’s not like I can just whip out a lil flap of skin from my zipper and turn my back to everyone, I gotta drop trough (it’s like, do I want them to get a front or a back view?)… I ended running up a hill in the middle of the woods, for quite some distance (1/4 mile) because there wasn’t much tree cover in this area. I found a nice little tree that had fallen that I could put my ass over and piss. It was heavenly to piss when I finally was able to find places to do it. Because a lot of times, I felt like I had to hold it (sometimes for hours and being a small person, it can be pretty painful sometimes). Actually – I’m surprised I didn’t end up with bladder infections during that kind of field work. There wasn’t even ONE other woman on these field trips to be my cover, you know?
The worst situation was when we were on some Islands on Lake Champlain, basically just looking at these rock outcrops with fossils of gastropods on them. I had a feeling I had just got my period, but was sort of unable to check at that moment.
I went up to my professor – and was just like, LOOK, I REALLY NEED A BATHROOM. Hint Hint (I approached him when we weren’t doing anymore field work). But he either didn’t get it, or was just being an asshole (I think it was the latter though), so then I painted it clear, “I think I just got my period.” (which felt really humiliating to do btw). It was right before finals week and the stress of it all made me get my period an entire week early (which almost NEVER happens to me, mine is like clockwork 95% of the time).
He’s like – there are some trees over there and pointed to the area where I heard four wheelers driving all over the place. I’m just like – are you serious? He’s just like “Not my problem.” What made it worse is that our class was just scattered everywhere. People were hanging out all over the place in that area. It wasn’t like the class was all standing together in a group and I could sneak off and no one would notice or happen upon me accidently. It was a situation where there were like groups of pines with three or four trees. And with those teenage boys riding around on their four wheelers made me really uncomfortable.
It really REALLY sucked to not have anything with me. I was unprepared because I got it early and just didn’t think I had to worry about it. I ended up rolling up a wad of toilet paper but the thing is – we were walking around so much, not once, but twice – the fucking paper fell down my pantleg. And on the way home from Lake Champlain (which was a 2.5 hour drive) he still refused to stop at a toilet for me. We had time to stop at a few different outcrops (and a store without a toilet) on the way home on the side of the highway, but I felt like he avoided stopping at a rest area etc on purpose. By the time we got back, I was so pissed, I almost HOPED there was a big blood stain on the seat of the van they rented (they lucked out though).
And people wonder why there aren’t more women in science… Could it be this clear and blatent disrespect? It’s like he was hell bent against accomodating women in field work. And he was pretty clear that things were going to be done, the way they were in real life, if you are working in the field. But the situation was different because if I was doing some surveying in the woods – with like one other guy, it woulda been a bit different. Nope, this was a group of like 12 guys and one woman. He didn’t even try to understand how uncomfortable it was for me.
I was so incredibly pissed off and felt so dejected after this period instance – that I didn’t even go to my graduation. Even though I was the first female to graduate with a geology degree in over ten years – I didn’t go to my graduation. I’ve never even gone back to see my professors. I handed in my finals and that was the last time I saw the assholes.
Which is pretty sad and sometimes, I feel really horrible about it. Like I sold out – like I let the men win. I let them beat me out of being interested in the field.
It isn’t that women are incapable – it’s just that most men in “male” fields of study are incapable of having any sort of empathy. And it’s not like I didn’t learn my lesson. I woulda – from that moment on – made sure that I ALWAYS brought something with me, just in case – even if I just got done with my period. And I think what made me so fucking angry about it – I never asked for a bathroom before that. In the THREE years that I was going and doing field work with these professors and all these males, I never complained about pissing in the woods. I never ONCE complained… But the ONE time, the ONE time I really NEEDED a bathroom and a tampon or pad or something, he just didn’t give a fuck.
It will come back to them though – they are getting old, and one of these days, they’ll be doing some field work and they’ll forget their depends, and they’ll have to deal with the uncomfortable feeling of their die-a-rear dripping down their pant-legs.

Snooty “intellectuals”

September 1, 2010

I can’t stand the snooty intellectuals that claim to KNOW what human nature is. It’s LAUGHABLE! Really, it is. I mean – it’s the same topic that philosophers have been trying to answer for more than 2000 years, and some snooty asshole (always male, LOL) on a video thinks HE knows what human nature is.
So what the discussion was about – really had NOTHING to do with the video (which was about Burlesque)… Some asshat decided to claim that it’s “human nature” to compete for “mates” and I made some comment about how most of the people I know who compete for “mates” are actually really insecure (and in fact, mostly they are competing for attention, not mates). And I pointed out how it was only human nature because being insecure is human nature…
Mr. Snooty intellectual didn’t like my observation… Apparently I offended his fragile peakock feather ego… He responded to my observation with this “I’m more intelligement then you” tone and basically said the same crap over again – about how it’s human nature to compete for mates because humans are biologically driven to make babies and spread their “seed”… (I’m paraphrasing, not really sure EXACTLY what he said – I mean, these comments are a dime a dozen and they tend to all blend, LOL).
What a stoop da doop. I can’t stand people who think that they are intelligent enough to define what “human nature” is, when some of the greatest minds still have not cracked the code (or never did).
And I honestly think that it’s an impossible code to crack, especially if we keep in mind all the socialization that goes on. The reason I think this “one-up” each other for male-attention (or female attention) crap has NOTHING to do with mating, biology and pro-creation, is that most of the women who try to get attention from a lot of men – don’t want most of the men they get attention from. LOL. I’ve had friends who HATED my boyfriends – yet they still wanted my boyfriends to check them out. They would consider my boyfriends ugly – yet they still wanted my boyfriends eyes on them.
What the hell does that have to do with pro-creation? NADA.
How self-important these people are though – that think they’ve cracked the code of “human nature”. It’s also laughable when they use OTHER animals to define what human nature is – yet simultaneously defend meat eating because humans are “above” other animals in intelligence.
What human nature do we use to define ALL human nature? YES, a lot of people do end up having babies, families or have this neanderthall need to “pro-create” (obviousy not everyone has kids because they’re biologically driven…) but to try and shape it up like that’s EVERY human beings nature, is just plain laughable.
Is it human nature to kill other humans or is it not? Is it human nature to kill animals, or is it not? Even most people who EAT other animals, are unwilling to kill them. SO which is it? Even most people who are against killing other human beings – are still in support of war and troops who kill in war, as well as things like the death penalty… So which is it? Human nature to kill or not to kill? Some people rape other people – is it human nature, or not?
Some would claim that it’s human nature to not hurt babies – and that it’s human nature to protect babies – yet how many people have killed, beaten or sexually molested their own babies?
Isn’t it pretty arrogent and egocentric to define human nature by your own nature?
I guess we COULD define “human nature” by what the majority of people agree on… but I am not willing to except that credo. It somewhat ignores the inclination of SOME people to go against the current. People like me. Maybe the only true “human nature” is something like a swimming bladder. But then I guess – even that definition ignores the fish who lose the school and find their own way.
I mean – how much of it is “human nature” to have lots of babies? And how much of that has to do with social conditioning? How much of it has to do with religious expansion or greed (cuz you know – rich people don’t want their money to end up in hands that are not THEIR blood). As an almost 30 year old, I can affirm that there is a lot of preasure put on women to have babies and to start families. I get it A LOT from other family memebers… and the thing is – even when I say I have no desire to have babies, they tell me that I’m just not old enough or that the urge will kick in when I get older.
If it’s in “womens nature” to have babies and raise children – why are so many women not doing it? Why are so many women having NO desire to do it? Why are so many men unwilling to provide for the children they’ve had? Why the hell do I have no desire to have children?
And really – if this asshat was wise enough to compare human nature to animal nature – you’d think he woulda picked up on the fact that it’s usually the MALES who are attracting mates – not the other way around. It’s the MALES with the colorful peacock feathers, the red bellies or the biggest horns – the males who dance and prance for the females. Genius.
He ALSO completely ignores how the OVERWHELMING majority of women who are prancing around stage either naked or half naked are actually not looking for “mates” in their audience. So what the heck does that have to do with mating? NOTHING.
How many strippers actually want to date the creeps sticking bills in their g-strings? Lets see a show of hands! LOL. I’m willing to bet my left butt cheek that most strippers don’t want anything to do with the assholes rolling into strip clubs (unless they are Brett Micheals – LOL, sorry – couldn’t stop myself with that dig).