A bit on legalized prostitution….

It’s sort of funny when I see people talking about legalizing prostitution… For one – it’s never 100% legal. No country in the world has made it as legal as sewing, for example. I can sew in any neighborhood. I can sew on any street corner, or in any shop (unless I’m loitering, hehe)…But places that “legalize” prostitution never completely make it legal.

They zone. They pick a spot (usually, but not always, the dumpiest part of a city that is already flooded with prostitutes) and say “This is where you can have sex for money.”  If you live in a suburban neighborhood – it’s illegal to prostitute there. If you live down the street from a school/hospital – it’s still illegal there. So I get a bit irritated when people accuse some feminists of trying to control what people do in their own bedrooms… Cuz guess what? Even when it’s “legal” in the way that you are talking about – you still aren’t allowed to fuck in your own bedroom for money…. Not unless you live in areas with the lowest property taxes or in the middle of nowhere with little to no human contact, like the Bunny Ranch (should I even capitalise that?).

My point is –  legalized prostitution will never be 100% because people don’t want that kind of mentality mixed in with their children (for good reason, in my opinion). They don’t want to have brothels down the street where legitimized pimps might lure them in for “easy” money. And I could see that happening – even if the person being lurred in is 18, still seems too young to make such a drastic decision. I think if everyone were really honest with themselves – they’d admit that too. At 18, we are still just as stupid as we were when we were 15.  I mean, I didn’t even really get what I wanted out of life until around 25 or so – didn’t stop making huge mistakes until 25. I imagine it’s similar for others.

I do think that in many ways – legalization would make things worse for sex workers. Like the points I hear many great feminists make, about how when it’s regulated, it is going to prevent women/men with STD/Is or even any other diseases from have sex for money. As it is now – anyone with any disease can do it at the same risk. But won’t total legalization totally marginalize people who can’t pass a test? So all of a sudden the person that’s turning tricks to pay for their medications are going to be the “criminals” – in many ways – MOST of the prostitutes working in the US will STILL be considered criminal under legalization (whereas decriminalization would prevent this).

If it’s legalized – then all these other things might be thrown into the mix – like forcing workers to take drug tests… In many ways – that would be a good thing. I have a feeling it would cut the supply of porn actresses/actors at least 3/4 (and probably a good portion of the bias degrading imagery directed at women). I mean – no other job really allows for doing drugs or drinking on the job. Even if you work in a bar – it’s illegal to drink while you are serving. So what I’m getting at is that prostitutes with drug addictions would still be looked at as criminals. Cuz they wouldn’t be “legal” prostitutes. I can’t imagine a regulated sex indsutry handing out licenses to drug addicts or HIV positive people.

It cracks me up because the people that are like “lets legalize it and regulate it” are often the ones who want to keep their entitlement to buy sex (even if they haven’t or never plan to).  I wonder if they ever think about how things would change – like being forced to use rubbers, like being forced to be tested THEMSELVES for STDs before using a prostitute. I mean, the list could go on and on forever, the regulations could become insane, and it would probably make it such a pain in the ass (and more expensive) that most men (underprivileged, lower class) would still go and buy unlicensed/underage prostitutes.

But the major reason I am against this fashion of “legalization” is that I don’t trust the US government. We don’t even waste a moment to regulate OFF SHORE DRILLING – something that can even kill the rich and powerful – and people actually have some idea that the US government would bother regulating prostitution? My my, aren’t they delusional?

Seriously, I’ve been vegan for how many years? And the government has done squat to regulate animal enterprises. As long as you are profiting off of your animal torture – it’s a fucking free for all. The only animal torture the average person from the US cares about is puppy mills. They do nothing to regulate how cows, chickens and pigs are treated – YET, these delusional “lets make prostitution legal!” asshats actually think the government would lift a pinky to help prostitutes?

Think about this – a good majority of our government is run by religious folks who hate prostitutes (even if they use them because they probably blame the prostitutes for their own adultery).  Many of the government officials PROFIT off of prostitution rings etc. I mean – I’ve heard it in the news from time to time (and you KNOW there is more going on – they just haven’t been caught) – for every lie told, you know – there’s bound to be hundreds more.

I honestly think that our government LIKES the unregulated sex industry. And whether or not it is legal, I believe they will keep it unregulated – even if they have a thick ass book of regulations they’ll pretend to enforce (as with animals), it just won’t be. The only ones that will be enforced, are likely the ones that protect the John – not the prostitute. And the only prostitutes that will be protected – would be the high class escorts…

I mean – people parade the Amsterdam cliche – and they never stop to think about how the CONSUMER should be tested before using a prostitute. Right? It makes me laugh when people are like “but prostitutes are tested for STD’s in Amsterdam!!!” But if you look it up – you realize that they aren’t tested in between every John.  I mean – if you think about a prostitute being with like 3 people in one day – multiply that by 7 – there are 21 potential risks between the next test.

I don’t know – I just think that in such a sexually repressed culture as the US of Assholes would be a really bad place to try “legalization”.   The combination of improper sexual education (or worse, abstinence only education) and the pornification of our culture is a very bad combination to try the legalization bit. If sex was more about mutual pleasure in our culture  I might think it a bit different (maybe not too). Of course – I have a feeling a culture that didn’t include a lot of sexual repression would have no use for prostitutes, strip clubs OR pornography.  All of these things seem to be the result of sexual repression, in my own mind (well, a combo of entitlement AND repression definitely cook up the concoction of mainstream hetero gonzo).

If only people would just enjoy sex – rather than trying to escape it by getting off…

5 Responses to “A bit on legalized prostitution….”

  1. nuclearnight Says:

    This is so much to think about, thank you.

    You bring up such important things that seem so basic when I hear you put them out, its like, wow, thats SO RIGHT ON when it comes to analyzing how to deal with prostitution from the legalization side.

    • truthvscompliance Says:

      Thanks for the comment… Some of these things are expounded from some points I’ve seen you make – that were somewhat ah-ha moments.
      But yeah – I’m trying to tackle this thing without using stats – cuz stats are the type of thing you can find to really fit in with any perspective.
      The only flaw in with what I wrote about (that I notice myself) is that they could do total legalization – as well as decriminalization for marginalized sex workers as well. It’s a topic that never gets discussed though, so I’m not sure how countries have handled the marginalized groups. If anyone knows, pass it on!

  2. dedgurlcingztheblooze Says:

    It is interesting that while I am very aware of the narrow mainstream sexuality pushed in our society, I never connected sexual repression to the existence of sex work in my own mind, although, duh, it is obviously repressing the sexuality of the workers. This was an excellent entry.

    • truthvscompliance Says:

      thanks for commenting!
      yeah, it’s something I quietly think a lot when people accuse anti-porn feminists of being sexually repressed (I try not to sling it back for the most part). When people make those sort of judgements – I try to figure out if they might be projecting some of their own issues onto other people.
      I also think there are elements of the John being sexually repressed (and that goes for men or women buying ‘services’ from prostitutes). I’m still trying to figure out how I will go about expressing this though, so I haven’t gotten there yet. All I know is that I have met many men who regularly used porn and were the most sexually repressed people I have ever met.

      • dedgurlcingztheblooze Says:

        It pretty much goes back to the media, and lack of real sexual education, the repression I mean. The scenes in porn both hetero and a great deal of homosexual porn follow the same prescription. So too scenes in movies, romance novels, etc. SInce these images are pushed in our face constantly we as a society have been hindered from developing our own individual sexualities, and any desire outside the mainstream (and the acceptable kink) we repress. I wonder how much that has to do with how much sex, and sex related materials we consume. We keep trying to satisfy our individual urges with a uniform pleasure, not realizing that following certain “rules” is the problem… I really love that this post has encouraged a kind of stream of conscious for me on this subject.

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