Youtube full of haters!

So I’ve been following some of the anti-porn (or sex work) feminists on youtube for quite some time. I guess I was bored of ranting, and just got sucked in! There are so many haters on there though. Two people have had their channels hacked, porn uploaded onto it and then their channels are obviously revoked because porn isn’t suppose to be on youtube. Typical that they’d upload porn, isn’t it?

These men (I’m assuming) are such cowards! And the fact that they go to such lengths to pull this shit is proof, it’s proof of how evil porn is. Because they can’t even bother debate or discuss, or PROVE why the points being made are wrong – so they just gotta knock them out. It’s so freaking irritating. I’ve pretty much stopped watching TV to watch my usual subscriptions (if I have a choice of hearing some intelligant woman speak or watching some stupid, vapid, self-absorbed strippers on reality TV shows – well you know what I’ll pick).  But it’s like – no one can make videos anymore because they keep getting hacked, or false flagged or false DMCAed. It’s really REALLY irritating. And you know the morons pulling this shit are from the camp “porn is free speech” – yet they won’t allow free speech about porn. It’s so disgusting how people try and prevent any discussion or critique about porn that goes deeper than “fantasy”.

Even the guys on there that are sort of in our camp – are just kinda “meh” about it. There’s no attempt to help the “anti-sex” (SNORT) feminists out. There are some guys on there that have made some good videos against complete legalization of porn, and actually admitting why some women might be offended by the imagery, or even agreeing that most of the women in this work probably didn’t choose “freely”.

Their are quite a few guys that FLOCK to all of the anti-porn channels and basically just write the same long paragraphys about how if a woman chooses to do it – what right do we have to tell her what to do with her body? Well fuck face – what right do YOU have to tell us what to say or what can come out of our mouths (of in my case – fingertips). It’s all about CHOICE CHOICE – until it’s a woman going against what is traditional or going against any kind of opposition to something men feel entitled to.

Oh and then there are the usual women on youtube who just want to kowtow to the cock (stole that line from DianaBoston). They use the same bullshit arguments that legalizing will be the save all, end all of sex work abuse! BULLSHIT. The only reason they say this crap – is because it makes them popular with the men. Because no evidence proves this to be true – in fact, all of the evidence goes AGAINST their claims. The black markets flourish, more trafficking, and usually drug problems escalate along with the problems of prostitution.

And these women – constantly make videos misrepresenting the views of many anti-porn feminists. Some of us believe in censorship but I think that most of us agree that censorship will do little or nothing to solve issues. They accuse us of hating prostitutes and sex workers (I just hate the ones that brag about their boob jobs or who are totally narcissistic – you know, the kind represented on TV) – but only because I hate those kinds of behaviors in ANYONE – whether sex worker or not, male or female etc.

It’s so irritating to really understand how the sex industry consistently and constantly tries to control womens (peoples?) bodies – and to be accused of trying to do the same thing. I’ve made this point before to those logical fallacies (and lies btw) – I have NEVER put a gun to any womans head and told her she couldn’t be a stripper or sex worker. BUT many MANY women have had guns put to their head (or entrapped in some other way) and told that they HAVE to do sex work. How many women developed STDs because the porn companies won’t hire women who want to use protection? I mean – women and men don’t even have the freedom to wear rubbers.

So wait – who’s controlling who?

It’s just like those women who brag about taking one up the ass or getting a “facial” to totally accuse ME of trying to control women. What about how social pressures have forced you into thinking you have to take one up the ass or get some assholes splooge in your eye? Who’s the one who is so indoctrinated you couldn’t understand how society has conditioned you from the day of birth into thinking compliance to men is the number one female priority? Who’s the one giving up their own pleasure – for pain, and humiliation for the pleasure of some asshole?

Truth Vs Compliance

2 Responses to “Youtube full of haters!”

  1. berryblade Says:

    Fuck, this entry is brilliant.

  2. nuclearnight Says:

    Yeah its all a bit much to deal with. I love making videos and expressing myself through this medium. Its just insane how people can’t leave us be.

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