Pornography is Art!

Just have a point to make – pornography is NOT art. And even if it is art – it doesn’t automatically mean it is “good” art.

When you write a book and you steal ideas from someone else’s book – guess what that is called? PLAGIARISM.  If pornography is “art” or “expression” or “speech” than just about every pornographer out there should be going to court for plagiarism.  They should be sued. They should be condemned as the pathetic virus’ they are.

And either way, that is such rubbish. It isn’t art.  I could take a shit in a toilet, take a photo of it and call it art too… Really though, porn seems to be the standard for art in this country. It really does. What does that say about the intelligence of our culture? (Nevermind, I don’t want to think about that – I’ll get too pissed off).

I know a lot of people who have never bought a single painting in their lives, have never bothered to spend a PENNY on any type of art or even tools to make their own, yet they have over 50 porno movies. WTF? 

America is cheap.

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One Response to “Pornography is Art!”

  1. berryblade Says:

    Holy shit, never even thought of arguing from this point before! Brilliant, added you to my blog roll & thanks heaps for adding me 🙂

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