About that last quote…

I was thinking about how true it is.

You wear high heels, you might look hot today but you’ll be in pain with back/knee/tendon/foot problems later (http://www.ynhh.org/healthlink/womens/womens_6_01.html).

A hawt tan looks GREAT (actually, I think it looks gross but that’s just my opinion) but it could lead to skin cancer, wrinkles and dried out, death looking skin later – complete with white spots where your skin actually stops being able to create pigment (http://www.fda.gov/Radiation-EmittingProducts/RadiationEmittingProductsandProcedures/Tanning/default.htm).

Make-up might make you look like a cartoon – which apparently, everyone thinks is attractive but later and after years of use – it could lead to cancer and other health problems (http://www.organicconsumers.org/bodycare/fda060104.cfm). Eye make-up is usually completed with a dose of Mercury (the worse kind – a more toxic kind than what is found in most fish). Lip products often have lead in them. And even a lot of the “natural” make-ups with powdered silica could be harmful.

You can dye your hair and keep up with having a different hair style every single day but guess what? It could cause you to go bald, lead to psoriosis (or worsen already existing) and possibly lead to cancer! (http://www.care2.com/greenliving/toxic-hair-dye-ingredients.html).

Perfume? Might make you smell great today but what will it do to you in the future?!? Well – many perfumes have some of the same TOXIC chemicals found in cigarrette smoke (http://www.ourlittleplace.com/perfume.html).

Wearing a push-up bra to make those breasts look like an asscrack might send all the shallow asshole dudes to the bathroom for a wanking BUT they also could lead to breast cancer in the future (http://www.health101.org/art_Bras_and_Breast_Cancer.htm). So what do you choose? Breasts that are hoisted up to look like an asscrack with the future increase in breast cancer (which could mean no boobs at all) OR just letting them hang naturally and possibly avoid losing them altogether.

Just about every single product out there, marketed towards women is harmful.  It makes me wonder A LOT.  Women get jipped in health care. Women are often ignored by doctors AND most of the products sold out there are made in a way that is extremely harmful for women. Are they trying to make us the weaker sex?

Heck, I’m not telling people that they HAVE to worry about how they look but I’ve seen the affects first hand of how the instant gratification of looking perfect (or as perfect as one can get with all of these toxic helpers) can actually speed up aging.

My younger sister (two years younger than me), actually looks like she could be ~ 10 years older than me (or more, depending on perspective).  It’s because she tans, cakes on the make-up everyday, uses all kinds of toxic chemicals (she dyes her hair at least once a month), she wears high heels and already has tendon problems (she has a hard time walking with her feet flat because she wears heels almost daily). She’s only 26.  Her tendons are going to be in VERY rough shape ten years from now if she doesn’t change her shoe-wearing habits.

It always amazes me how people who are so obsessed with vanity seem to forget about how they might look in the FUTURE because of everything they do now to look good. Thus is the HUGE price of vanity. I could sit here and brag about how I’ll probably be the hottest old woman because I avoid most of these things but I honestly don’t give a shit. What strikes me as ODD though? That the people who are MOST obsessed with how they look don’t even think about it. And when they do turn 40 or 50 years old, lookin’ like leather face – what will their self-esteems be like?

It takes me back to the reasons I think modeling and porn are disgusting choices (when they are) for a living… I know I’m not the first person to notice how a lot of models and porn stars seem to be totally centered on how they look (and heck, I’m not saying it don’t make sense) and I always wonder – what will they think about themselves when they get old and ugly like the rest of us (that was a bit o’ satire, reflecting on how a lot of women in modeling and porn actually think they are better looking than every other woman)? 

When you build your life around how you look, rather than simply encorporating how you look into your life – when those looks go, so doesn’t your life…. ye know? I mean – look at how desparately Janice Dickenson tries to keep herself looking the way she did 20 years ago (which is still imposible despite the “myracles” of plastic surgery). 

I wonder a lot about that in terms of my sister. She’s so obsessed with how she looks now, how her body looks and the furthest she’s gone to think about how she might look in the future is how she won’t breast feed because she doesn’t want her breasts “damaged” or “shrunken”.  She doesn’t think about wrinkles when she gets those tans (and my sister is fair skinned like me – yet she tans to the point where she doesn’t look like a white person anymore).

This is why I don’t give a shit about how I look (to a point). I’m mindful about my clothes – and the only thing I use a mirror for is to make sure I don’t have toothpast on my face and that my eye boogers are cleaned off, make sure my hair isn’t greasy or whatever.  I think there is a HUGE freedom in just letting go of all that petty shit. Yes, I call it petty. But not out of insult… There are things about me that are petty. Like me needing to work out my abs when my six-pack starts to fade. Or lifting weights because I like having good muscle tone. I’m petty in certain ways but guess what? They won’t kill me in the future. My pettiness will never be the cause of this womans’ death (though smoking may be, haha).

Another reason for avoiding all of the vanity things?

People like you less. Even if they pretend to like you, they generally like you less.

That’s how I HONESTLY feel, myself. I am less likely to jump at the chance of being friends with a woman who is obsessed with how she looks. And I’m even less likely to date a guy who is obsessed with how he looks.

People who are obsessed with how they look ALWAYS need ego boosting. And when someone needs ego boosting – here comes the trouble, WATCH OUT! A guy who is in constant need of ego boosting is A LOT more likely to cheat. And the thing is – I don’t even think they cheat because they want to hurt their gf or bf or whatever, it’s just because they NEED that ego boost.

People who are obsessed with how they look are VERY OFTEN narcissistic, egocentric etc. And really – what does any person do with anyone who is like that, besides be miserable?  I draw these conclusions from experience. I’ve dated a few egocentric/narcisstic guys and had some female friends that were the same and they all had that in common (being obsessed with how they look).  NONE of them treated me well or treated me like I mattered or that I was even relevant in any decisions they made that affected me.  The one thing I noticed about all of these people? They can’t keep friends (unless those friendships are very superficial and the other people don’t really know each other) or partners.  And I think that makes sense. Eventually – when your friends start to realize you only have one interest (yourself) – they aren’t interested anymore… What use does anyone have for a “friend” that only befriends themselves?

Just another cost of todays satisfaction.

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