The never-ending problem

The ole Logical Fallacies or Ad-hominem attacks.

As a vegan and a radical feminist – I’m ALWAYS confronted with this issue of logical fallacies. 

The ones I always get in response to the argument that porn and prostitution harms women…

1. Not all women are harmed in porn and prostitution… 

This is a logical fallacy because the fact that some women choose to do porn or prostitute does not change the fact that many don’t.

2. You can’t tell women what to do with their bodies!

For one – pointing out that pornography and prostitution harms women is not the same as telling women what to do.  I never accused my parents of telling me what to do when they pointed out that alcohol is harmful to the human body (why is that always implied in the context of sex-work? And really – I don’t care what people tell me – having sex with strange guys who clearly don’t respect women is not healthy – mentally or physically). I have NEVER heard a radical feminist tell other women what to do with their bodies. So bringing that point out is a clear logical fallacy because I haven’t met a feminist yet, that believed in dictatorship. And besides – my opinions on what women should or shouldn’t do with their bodies has NOTHING to do with whether women are being harmed in pornography and prostitution or not.

3. You are a prude or anti-sex.

Another logical fallacy. Being a prude or hating sex has NOTHING to do with whether or not women are harmed in the making of pornography or in prostitution. When people bring this up – usually it’s because they have been backed into a corner.  That would be like a pro-porn freminist backing me into a corner and me being like, “But you are a whore.”  I’d like to see the reaction feminists would have to a response like that because I certainly can’t stand being called a prude when I know that I am anything but. Not to mention – how is it they don’t realize with the word “prude” they are perpetuating the Madonna/Whore complex? (Which is why I used that specific example).  

4. Some women LIKE being degraded sexually.

I really REALLY hate this argument because you know what? Just because there are some women that actually like that treatment, doesn’t change the fact that most of us really hate it (and even still – we should STILL examine why some women LIKE being degraded). Many MANY women in abusive relationships tell people that they love their abuser. If THAT is possible – than it is definitely possible for women to claim that they love doing porn – even if they don’t love the abuses that probably come with it.

5. Not all porn is degrading to women, what about gay porn or lesbian porn?

For one – does this fact change the fact that most porn IS degrading to women? Does it change the fact that every guy I have ever dated viewed the most sexist, degrading, female-hating  cheap crap?  Does it change the fact that every guy I have talked to said they liked porn because of the degrading things women were willing to do? I even had a guy tell me that he watched porn for the degrading shit women did in it because he thought that it would make me feel better because he wasn’t watching it because those women are sexier or whatever (way to go! another asshole assuming some of us hate porn because we are jealous).  I have NEVER dated a guy and found feminist porn stashed away somewhere or in the history of their computer. It’s always the stuff that says things like, “Tits and Sluts” “Big gaping cunts” and things of that nature.  If I didn’t find the degrading crap I have ALWAYS found in bf’s and father’s stashes – than I probably wouldn’t be a radical feminist.

I think that the funniest thing about logical fallacies is that when people whip em out – it’s a clear sign that you have already won the debate. That you already proved your point.  If you read between the lines – those who love ad hominem attacks – are saying, “You are right about that point but here’s some other things to consider.”  By totally changing the subject, they get to do two great things 1. ignore that they lost the debate and gloss over it 2. trick people into going into a different debate that they know they can win.

Can’t we agree on one thing?

 Most men view degrading porn and like porn because it is degrading to women. Notice – I mention MOST because I wouldn’t write all guys off as jerks. But most straight guys watch porn because they like to watch women being degraded.  It must be true because I wouldn’t have found the degrading stuff all the time if it weren’t.  I wouldn’t have dated guys who would pester me to have anal sex or have sex with one of their buddies.  If men were watching pro-woman porn – than I wouldn’t have had to tell EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM, that they NEED to return the favor – that I’m not just in existence to pleasure them.

And whether or not some women like to have anal sex or lick their own shit off of mens’ dicks – can’t we agree that MOST women have ZERO desire to do such things? Can’t we agree that these things send the wrong messages to men about female sexuality? Can’t we agree that porn teaches men to be selfish when it comes to sex? Can’t we?

Unfortunately – probably not.

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