It always strikes me as so odd, that despite increasing information about health and diet, people still argue that meat is necessary… But is it?  It’s hard to believe people when they say this. I’m a prime example that people can exist without animal protein (and I’m only one, there are MANY MANY others). I often hear people say that they tried to go vegetarian but the became “weak” and their strength returned after they began eating meat. I wonder how many of these people went into the diet a pessimist. Oh! The power of our thoughts.

I remember when I first went vegetarian – everyone was worried about my health. My doctor even accused me of being anorexic (I think she assumed I was one of those girls with an ED that was trying to cover it up with a fad diet).  If she actually knew me and my past, she would have realized how incredibly embarrassed of being skinny I have been all my life…

See, I’ve always been extremely thin – I got these genes from my dad, clearly. Our legs are shaped EXACTLY the same – only his are longer and bigger because he’s tall and I’m not.  Everyone was telling me that I must definitely be the type of person that NEEDS meat because if I didn’t eat meat, for sure I would waste away. It’s such a double standard – am I really suppose to believe that only people with extra weight should go vegetarian? Aren’t we all of the same species?

I admit – I lost weight when I first went vegetarian but it wasn’t because there was a lack of things for me to eat in the world or that my body type couldn’t handle it. It was because my parents resisted my desire to give up meat. They bought very few things that would help be stay vegetarian (which just made me not eat, rather than get me to eat meat) and my boyfriend at the time, lived with his mom who stocked the shelves with little debbies (if anything is going to cause me to lose weight, it would be sugar – I already have a surplus of energy all the time) and the occasional vegetarian Pizza. I lost weight because of the resistence people had towards my diet and because it was too much for them to help me do it right.  I don’t think I would have lost that weight if people had been supportive, rather than trying to get me to conform to their ideologies in passive aggressive ways. I also wonder if a lot of people who tried to go vegetarian had similar experiences with their parents, friends, significant others’ etc.

It wasn’t until I went to college (3 – 4 years after going vegetarian) – I turned vegan, that I actually put some of that weight back on (and everyone was SURE that I would waste away THIS time).  But I did my research –  AFTER I decided to go vegan.  When I went into it – I really didn’t care if I died or not. In many ways, I still have that attitude because I’m not going to hold myself back because of “what ifs” – and as most “what ifs”, those fears are based on assumptions that mostly hold no water.  I had NO idea that this diet could be healthy and in fact, went into it  on the fence – not really trusting it. Which is why I started doing my own research because there was SOME concern to me but not enough to hold me back.

It goes to show how irrational many of our fears are. The fear that without meat, we will die. I mean – look at it this way – we are omnivores. Omnivores are typically opportunistic eaters  and can live on just about anything.  They don’t necessarily NEED meat, but they don’t necessarily die with it – ya know? If I had a dollar for every time someone came up to me and said, “But we are omnivores, we need meat!”  I wonder how many of those people actually know the definition of Omnivore. Technically – most primates are omnivores and guess what? 95% of their diet is raw vegan with the inclusion of insects.  

If those omnivores (our closest relatives on this planet) can live on a vegan diet, with hardly enough animal food to make a difference, certainly humans can.  And when you REALLY look at our biology, we are definitely made to eat more like a vegan, than the typical westerner.

And then you look at dogs (which are actually more “omnivore” than humans) – which most believe eat mostly meat. The thing is – type “vegan dogs” into your search engine and you’ll quickly find that some of the oldest dogs to live were vegan. Yep, VEGAN.

If dogs, whom look more like carnivores than human beings and actually have teeth for tearing flesh can thrive on a vegan diet – why would any human being claim that we can’t make it on a vegan diet?  And no, I’m not saying dogs and humans have the same digestive tracts but what I am saying is that if a dog – which has the gut, pH and teeth more suitable for eating flesh – can survive well on a vegan diet, there is no reason at all to believe human beings can’t.

I’ll mention reasons why I think people should be moving towards animal free diets in future posts.

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